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  1. By default, all types of indicators are applied and filtered.
    With the number of candlesticks displayed you can decide to set the panes displayed as well as to set each indicator in it’s specific option box.
    Both ranges are displayed at the same side:


    You can check Rangenorth, Rangenorth is an Add-in for MetaTrader 4 which creates a color fine print of today’s trading ranges.

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  2. Download #18
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  3. You can also send information to your business partners and friends. Your SMS messages can reach even the most remote areas in India, via GPS.
    You can send messages just by clicking several preset contacts that are available on your computer, not having to change any phone numbers. It is fairly easy to use and requires no training or study. Simply follow the intuitive steps.

    Launch it in a new window. If you do not do this, a new window will open with the text on it.

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  4. Download PdfScanManager

    Get PdfScanManager

    Platform: Stand alone (PC only)

    License: Free, no restrictions (evaluation copy)


    File size: 3.17 Mb


    Screenshots and video

    Detailed description

    PdfScanManager is a desktop software that enables you to rename, move, preview and delete pages from your PDF files with as little effort as possible

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  5. I would recommend this app to all those who are looking for a dictionary that contains medical-related and other similar word definitions.

    Good medical dictionary. Sometimes the strict definition of a medical term (such as a disease) is not right in the English dictionary if it is not the best one, so the best option is to look for the medical terms in a specialized dictionary. I found this one, and, in fact, have not had many problems in finding what I need to know

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  6. In the end, it provides you with handy pieces of advice for adjusting the settings, and any of you who own a Microsoft Band can only enjoy a hassle-free experience using it.
    Looking for more guidelines? You can visit this link…

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  7. ■ Auto Loader only deals with internal software and does not deal with any external network resources.
    ■ May not work with all DLL files; you may have to manually load DLL files
    ■ Installing the “Auto Loader” will completely overwrite your old Auto Loader.
    Back to Top

    AutoLoad_Program_Selection is a new tool shipped with WampServer 2.0
    (Performance and Security Enhancements For Apache

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  8. Once you’re done, you can load the results into an ordinary text editor, filling in remaining template lines with your desired text.
    The major features of Uniword include:
    ✓ Automatic text preprocessing (filtering)
    ✓ Outputs results from the command line
    ✓ Detailed reports
    ✓ Just one file to run
    ✓ Supports Unicode

    “Uniword is a small and simple command line application that you can use to automatically remove duplicate words from a

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  9. Thursday, April 29, 2009

    Ever wondered how to tell if a JPEG file has been modified in any way? Or whether the picture has been altered? Take a look at my own JPEG detector. Compatible with Windows, you can check the integrity of all your JPEG files with a click of a mouse.

    If you want to go over a number of JPEG files in one go, select the files and right-click them then choose either ‘Check for Modification/Rest

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  10. Luxand Blink! Multilingual | 18.3 MbLuxand Blink! is a free PC game to match 3, with cute baby animals. This game also has a puzzle game component. With Luxand Blink!, baby animals are behind all kinds of barriers. Your job, as the player, is to guide the animals to their blinking light bulb destination. The game includes seven challenging levels for you to complete,

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  11. And to conserve time, when using a remote telescope equipped with auto-focus capabilities, users can utilize the app’s Autofocus function to utilize the remote focuser, without having to change their focuser’s aperture settings.
    In addition, the wide range of cool features it has to offer, include the ability to record your images, crop them, create 24-Hour Time Lapses, export your sequences to the photoshop CC format, or enable a Log Sequence of your images taken,

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  12. SMTP Preprocessor keeps adjustable detailed log of all SMTP events.


      *Number of messages processed:* 20 (default).  *Start IP address:* Remote IP address to start monitoring response.  *Number of transactions:* 100 (default).  *Max file size:* 1M (default).  *Connection timeout:* 1 sec (default).   *  Sender IP address 05e1106874 ellaysbe

  13. Read more about it on the blog.

    Turn your MS2010 database into HTML compressed file or download it in zip archive with sql backup content. Data export is done directly by SSMS. External tools are used for operations, such as extracting working tables, &c

    Syndb Server is a SQL Server administration and management. It is a free, intuitive Windows based server management tool that delivers a powerful set of features. Syndb Server includes a set of management tools including configuration editor, 8cee70152a swedotta

  14. Best Video Processing Tool for Windows

    With the help of this utility, you can compress your video in various aspects, namely video and audio codecs, file sizes and bitrates. This program supports various video, audio and image formats and thanks to a well-designed user interface, editing your output files is quite simple, intuitive and practical.


    Unparalleled intuitive and user-friendly interface

    Various video and audio formats are supported

    Supports Windows XP
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  15. Excellent employee records management. Discussions, individual ear ringing hours, leave days off, attendance register, sick leave registers, absence report and much, much more.
    There are 150 templates available for each day of the year and are ready to use in Personnel Manager Software.
    * Very easy to use * Very fast calculations * Very fast reporting
    7 Easy “Complete Recruitment”SoftwareRequirements:
    – Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
    – 500 Mhz processor or faster
    – 2Gb
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  16. Addicted


    Addicted is an exciting yet compelling fantasy role-playing game where the fate of your universe is in your hands.

    Your mystical stone has been awakened from its slumber and brought the unwitting hands of mortals to destroy their world. Were it not for you and your party of close friends, their existence could be snuffed out in a mere heartbeat.

    You take this action on behalf of whole villages and the gods themselves. You must journey into a
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  17. The Change from Leg feature is powerful because it allows you to change DSP to Leg without altering the driver output.


    1. Allows you to create TSP (Time-Scaled/Rate Scaling) without a costly interface.
    2. Load and store presets (which can be created for each DSP crossover leg)
    3. Interfaces with other softwares such as Eversound Server and autotune programs, see Systems below
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  18. Social Team Software is designed as a team collaboration platform for the social or teleco workers in a call center context. Its main purpose is to gather large amounts of data about calls taking place in real time and analyze them in real time to discern patterns and groups and help the social workers solve problems.
    The software can be used in three ways:
    * as a social intelligence tool for training and guiding the agents to improve their performance – based on the analysis of
    recorded calls – grouping them
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  19. Gorgeous digital diary is for anyone interested in keeping a record on his/her life, containing a diary, a calendar or a journal. Graphic diary is packed with many useful features such as a date picker, option to write directly, scheduled events, customizable background and much more.
    If you want to enter a schedule, the diary will show you an icon with the date in a pop-up menu, and you can edit and save it as a schedule. The tool keeps
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  20. IVTSecure Access always is easy to download and install, due to the self-extracting archive (.EXE).


    Check x-term. It is small and does the trick perfectly.

    All clothing racks are designed for the comfort of the users. Shoppers trust an inexpensive standard in viewing the retail clothing industry. Nevertheless, the general merchandise industry rejects that human’s wants are being put into place and wishes to attain the expenses of an untested
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  21. Clean and effective, ID3Tag Workshop is worth exploring to learn the basics of the editing of this aspect of MP3 files.

    18 multi-language support
    Works with samples songs from a folder.
    An excellent presentation of editing tracks.

    In order to perform tasks correctly, ID3Tag Workshop requires for the developer to have certain skills.

    Examples of ID3 tags can be seen along with the instructions at the following pages
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  22. using System.Reflection;
    using System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
    using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

    // General Information about an assembly is controlled through the following
    // set of attributes. Change these attribute values to modify the information
    // associated with an assembly.
    [assembly: AssemblyConfiguration(“”)]
    [assembly: AssemblyCompany(“Microsoft”)]
    [assembly: AssemblyProduct(“WindowsFormsApplication1”)]
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  23. For example, the video player is unwieldy and misbehaved and to make its functions effective, a background thread needs to be created that is regularly used to update the current video playback position. Moreover, there are a few inconsistencies that you might want to clarify, but they should be addressed as part of the update period.
    In addition, the application is not mobile ready. While you can freely move the main window to any corner of the screen or even place it on a second monitor
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  24. Boost for Minecraft Beta 2.8
    boost for minecraft is a program designed specifically for boosting the speed up of Minecraft. It increases the server throughput which means that more players (also including automated players, bots) can interact with the game’s world, but with the downside that they are not as organized compared to the non-boosted servers. There will also be fewer servers, meaning that there will be less players interacting and there will be less options available to the user.
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  25. It’s all in the details… if you want your to-do lists more manageable, then you should be looking at a cross-platform digital task manager that can help you to organize your everyday tasks effortlessly. And for that purpose, you can give an extra spin to Azure ToDo, a task manager extension that enables you to create smart lists and manage all of your to-do lists right from the Windows 10 interface.
    When you open the application, you get a warning pop-
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  26. You may also like: Boot Cleaner…

    Fancy apps for the ultrabook that doubles as a tablet? Acer’s Swift 7 doubles down with the fe…

    Windows 8 is the next Windows version that Microsoft has started the transition from Windows 7, and as is…Q:

    Story Identification: Man in suit of battle armor and POSEIDON

    Late 1980s movie: Man in a suit, and by “suit” I mean “battle armor
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  27. Window is user-friendly with many features at hand
    You can perform conversions for various PDF files or the user can select a single file to be converted. You can use the received image file or you can directly paste the destination folder to be saved.

    It allows you to create comprehensive image formats as JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TGA, RLE, PNG, EMF, WMF with retaining the original PDF style.

    You can choose the segment
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  28. Program documents

    * The file comments

    You can add comments to a song using the comment tool, available from the main menu. You
    can fill in who wrote the song, the song title, who selected the instruments that are used in the song.
    This information can help to avoid mixing together different versions of the same song, as well as (or at least) to help you to find the original source of the songs heard on the website.

    In order to
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  29. The application can be downloaded from and it is priced at $19.99.

    Keyboard shortcuts are known to be an extremely powerful feature of Windows and there is no denying the fact that they make operating your PC faster and simpler. The productivity-enhancing utility Keyboard Maestro, on the other hand, is designed so that users can assign keyboard shortcuts for a variety of operations, including a series of actions that can be performed on various programs simultaneously
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  30. Publisher’s Description:Get Your Plan Off to A Good Start
    “GoodPlan is an innovative extension for the Chrome browser that helps you organize your day by showing you the planned habits and a search history of your previous page changes. It also removes all distractions and writes down your thoughts directly on the page. You can create different habits, dates, locations and use words to separate them on the pages and make them very easy to use. You can also manage with your extensions and add as many pages
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  31. You can configure the settings of every element of EZAcct accounting software, making it the best application to manage any aspect of your business. Additionally, this is possible due to the program’s customer-oriented approach, as the user interface helps you cover every aspect of your business, with quick access to the information needed to take a decision.
    As you are able to customize the application, it is a software tool that will meet your needs and requirements. With the help of the program, you can create quotes, invoices, customer or vendor records, issue purchase orders, receive and process sales taxes, pay bills, make
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  32. ThermalLabel SDK for.NET uses a unified approach for handling tags, images, shapes, and other print formats. This allows users to study the possibilities of these components individually, rather than to learn dozens of different formats used on every printer.
    According to the Zebra documentation ThermalLabel SDK for.NET is compatible with version 4.70 (or later) of the ZPL language, and with both ZPL I and ZPL II printers.Managed behavioral health case management.
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  33. You can download the SoftAmbulance EFS Recovery from the link below.Q:

    How to fix update a NSManagedObjectContext?

    I’ve been working on iOS for a while now, and this is the first time that I’ve had a problem that I can’t solve.
    I have a NSManagedObjectContext called appViewContext (I use it to store CoreData objects in it and it extends another one called modelContext, that it used to save objects created by NSFetchedResultsController). When the user goes to the app settings, the context of this view (app
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  34. IncrediMail Converter Pro lets you do so without producing any extensive changes or losing information.Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) is a public company, which is focused on creating and growing shareholder value through its operating subsidiaries, Tweed Inc. (Tweed) and Canopy Rivers Inc. (Canopy Rivers). Tweed is the parent company through which Canopy Rivers operates in Canada and Australia. CGC’s shares are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under
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  35. Platform-independent: This application is a command-line utility built as a standalone executable. No installation is required on the target machine

    Images & Files: Images for your applications, logs or SQL queries

    Access it like any other command. To start browsing the process list:

    * From any other command, type:

    C:\Apprecovery> recover ##Example


    – For detailed help options, -type, -help and –
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  36. Any file you put on the disk is accessible after exiting HibouNotes, all text is stored in a single place and any cut/paste/delete/select operations are permanently remembered.
    In order to run this tool,.NET Framework 4.6 or higher must be installed. Because HibouNotes is a very basic tool, it doesn’t require much to run, and there are no unnecessary files and registry entries that can slow the computer down.
    Bleak alternative: Frink
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  37. ;* limited IE: 6.0 only
    * Firefox 3.0 allows the browser to auto detect mime-type for some xhtml documents. This is however unstable and not recommended for production use.
    * Firefox 3.0 and higher ignores the Content-Type, Content-Type, and Content-Type requests sent by Opera’s and Microsoft’s web servers, and instead passes these requests along to a web server’s default content type. Therefore, an XHTML Mobile Profile document opened in
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  38. The program supports saving, adding to and removing files from the queue, as well as batch conversion. Undeniably, this software is definitely good enough for the needs of beginners, while advanced users can take the program farther with additional adjustments.
    The following features are also attractive and useful:
    Enable preview
    You can use this option to display a preview of the resulting document in HTML format. It is not often an industry standard, but it creates a look that is more pleasant and easily readable
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  39. The VoIP EVO SDK comes as both a Java implementation as well as a C# implementation.

    Incremental and non-incremental addressing? This page is for people that are not too familiar with network addressing or how it works. I decided to write this web page so that people could have this information if they needed help and also for general information purposes.
    As most of the information is very technical I am sure some people just want the nitty-gritty. The rest
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