Masterclasses, Lessons and Workshops of Medieval singing, lute, wind instruments, percussions
Conferences and lectures on aspects of Medieval music.

in Spello (Italy) from July 29th  to 3th of  August 2024  

Music courses

To discover ancient music instrumentis such as Archs, Lute, Medieval Picks, Wind Instruments, Hurdy Gurdy, Medieval Percussions and Dulcimer

Concerts and events

Medieval Music concerts to discover some specific music instruments such as Zampogne, Shawn and Bagpipe.


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Course of medieval music
Singing, Lute, Bowed instruments, Wind Instruments, Hardy Gurdy and Percussions courses
from July 29th to August 3th 2024
In Spello (Perugia)

Student Concerts
Final Essay of the
Course of Medieval Music
Saturday 3th august 2024, 6:30 pm
Church of Sant’Andrea

Power and beauty of our musical traditions

With the Spello Splendens Festival and the International Medieval Music Course we want to rediscover a precious musical tradition made up of strings, lutes, medieval wind instruments, ghigonda and much more …

Medieval music courses

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Do you want to discover the precious musical tradition of the Middle Ages made up of strings, lutes, wind instruments, songs and much more?