Festival Spello Splendens

The discovery of the music of medieval oboe , bagpipe and, above all, of the medieval and traditional music, very important in the popular festivals that still live in Italy and Europe.

The Centro Studi Europeo di Musica Medievale “Adolfo Broegg”, edited by the Micrologus, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Spello, organizes the Festival “SPELLO SPLENDENS”.

With the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the start of the Christmas Holidays of 2010, opens the First Edition of “SPELLO SPLENDENS”, a music festival Medieval, Renaissance, and oral tradition, which proposes, among ‘ else, the rediscovery of particular instruments such as bagpipes, the bagpipes and bagpipes.

The event establishes the link between the city of Spello and the Centro Studi Europeo di Musica Medievale “Adolfo Broegg”, located in the Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione di Prato, historical sources that relate specifically to the celebrations of the Immaculate Conception.

Through concerts, exhibitions, conferences, lectures and workshops, the various musicians, from various parts of Italy, enliven the Festival, presenting the great variety of the artistic heritage, made of instruments and musical repertoires, different stories and songs, in a constant comparison between the medieval music, set in the ancient codes, and that of traditional oral, Italian and European, more and more alive on the pulse of the phenomenon of world music.


At the time of the Feast of Christmas, we intend to rediscover, develop and present to a wide audience, some particular and specific sounds of our musical history, is more “high” and “minor” ones of bagpipes, bagpipes and above all, the music and the Traditional Medieval, which were of great importance for these festivals are still alive in various parts of Italy and Europe.

The musicians who will participate in the demonstration will illustrate, through concerts, conferences and debates, the characteristics of their repertoires and instruments used.

They are also staged exhibitions of folk instruments and ancient instruments, stand of records and books of medieval music and traditional.

Particular attention will be paid to the presence of young people and students, involved through direct collaboration with the Director and Teachers of Primary and Secondary School of Spello

The Festival takes place in the beautiful and special places in the city of Spello: the Auditorium of the Centro Studi “Adolfo Broegg”, the Subasio Theatre, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Church of St. Andrea, and along some streets and squares Spello medieval.


During the Festival is organized “Bagpipes & Lentils”, a musical-culinary stroll through the old town, with free gathering of musicians, which renews the tradition of the offer propitiatory food: with various musicians, will plays open music, with some breaks to taste the delicious dishes offered by the restaurants in the city, according to a programmed path, lasting about 3 hours.

all’aperto, con alcune pause per degustare i gustosi piatti offerti dai ristoratori della città, secondo un percorso programmato, della durata di 3 ore circa.

Some advance viewing of the program

Wine tastings by the winemakers and cellars of Spello

Concerts of medieval music

Italian bagpipe seminars

Traditional Christmas carols and instrumental music from the Istrian peninsula

Musical-culinary walks through the historic center

Medieval and traditional Music

To discover medieval and traditional music through concerts, conferences and debates

Instruments Ehxibition

The exhibitions of popular and ancient instruments, stands of records and books of medieval and traditional music.

Bagpipe and lentils

Musical-culinary walks through the historic center

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