Adolfo Broegg Study Center

Abous us:

The idea to create a European Studies Center of Medieval Music in Umbria came from several considerations:

the historical vocation of the city, the region that spirituality and culture born in the Middle Ages finds its deepest identity;
sensitivity, interest in the Middle Ages thanks to the numerous festivals of medieval setting (Calendimaggio of Assisi, Ring Race in Narni, Market Gaite of Bevagna and many others) that have contributed in recent decades to give birth to a large number cultural realities of amateur and professional;
the artistic, urban, monumental that makes the historical center of Umbria a natural venue for cultural activities.

The Centro Studi is based in Spello in the recently restored Chiesa di Santa Maria della Consolazione in Prato, which hosts a permanent exhibition of Adolfo Broegg’s instruments donated by the family and used by the Micrologus Association founded by Adolfo together with Patrizia Bovi, Goffredo Degli Esposti and Gabriele Russo.

We are different

The European Center for Medieval Music “Adolfo Broegg” (CeSAB) organizes:
– Training courses,
– Seminars,
– Master’s degree,
– Medieval and Renaissance music conferences

The aim is to create a link in the field of teaching, research and interpretation activities between the Umbrian territory and the Italian and foreign universities and the centers of international music studies.

European circuit

The Centro Studi is part of the European circuit that deal with musical training, first of all, the Fondation Royamont in Paris, with which the Micrologus Ensemble began to collaborate in 2001.

Consulting and Projects

The Center is available for consultancy, projects concerning the study of the medieval music, festivals, reviews, historical re-enactments.

Permanent exhibition

It is the starting point for educational paths on violin making, iconography, conferences and concerts. The instruments of the exhibition are not only to be admired but are played in the various initiatives.


The Centro Studi Europeo di Musica Medievale “Adolfo Broegg” is managed by the members of the ASSOCIAZIONE MUSICALE MICROLOGUS:

Gabriele Russo


Patrizia Bovi


Goffredo Degli Esposti


For the educational collaboration, not continous, we invite specialist from other national and internacional experiences:

– Leah Stuttard (HARP)
– Veronique Daniels (DANCE)
– Giordano Ceccotti (HURDY-GURDY, LUTE-MAKER)
– Peppe Frana (LUTE)
– Crawford Young (LUTE OF THE ‘400)
– Guillermo Perez (PORTATIVE ORGAN)
– Enea Sorini (CHORAL SINGING)
– Gabriele Miracle and Enea Sorini (PERCUSSION)

For technical assistance, logistics, secretary, we have the collaboration of:

Stefania Romagnoli, David Giacchè, Leonardo Degli Esposti