“Awakening sleeping instruments”

International Fiddle Symposium From thr 31th July to the 1st August 2021, Spello (Italy) Organized by Micrologus-Centro Studi “Adolfo Broegg” in collaboration with Labyrinth Italia It will take place in Spello the next 31th of July to the 1st of August 2021 during the last days of the International Medieval Music Course. Two days of Lectures and Performances, with: – Marie Virginie Cambriels – Manuel… Read More »“Awakening sleeping instruments”

Songs and dances during religious celebrations in L’Aquila (secc. XV-XVI)

Music by Giovanni da Capestrano, Leonardo Giustinian, Marcantonio del Picaro, Vanni di Martino, Niccolò del Preposto, Alessandro de Ritiis and anonymous.   The CD Devote passioni promotes the rediscovery – and first modern performance – of vocal and instrumental repertoires used in the town of L’Aquila during religious celebrations in medieval and Renaissance times. The city of L’Aquila has a tradition of spirituality dating back… Read More »Songs and dances during religious celebrations in L’Aquila (secc. XV-XVI)

Masterclass with Guillermo Pérez

Italian 14th century monody – 2a pars Feb-Apr 2014 The Centro Studi Adolfo Broegg will host in 2014 two new sessions dedicated to the Italian 14th century monodic pieces (including the well-known istampitte from London 29987, Rossi Codex and Florentine trecento composers) researching in practical-performance, repertoire context, analysis and relations with Italian Ars Nova polyphony. These seminars are open to beginners and advanced players/singers in… Read More »Masterclass with Guillermo Pérez