5° International Course of Medieval Music

The polyphonic music to the Aragonese Court of Naples 28 / 07-02 / 08 2014

Daily Schedule

“Poliphonic music in the 15th century Aragonese Naples Court”

Based on the quality and number of its musicians, the 15th century Aragonese court in Naples boasted the premiere musical ‘capella’ in Europe, even more important than that of the court of Burgundy. The composers Cornago and Vincenet worked there, while Tinctoris formulated all his theoretical works in Naples. At the court, all types of music known in Europe flourished: ballate, strambotti and barzellette from Italy; canciones from Spain, rondeaux and dances from France.

As MAIN SUBJECT, at the 5th International Course, we will explore the sonority and particular atmosphere of each of these genres and the fertile exchanges between formal and popular music that characterized Aragonese Naples.

For BEGINNERS, it will be possible to study free medieval repertory.

Solo singing: Patrizia Bovi
Bowed instruments*: Gabriele Russo
Wind instruments**: Goffredo Degli Esposti
Choral singing: Simone Sorini
Lute: Crawford Young
Harp: Leah Stuttard
Alta Cappella: Ian Harrison
Hurdy Gurdy: Giordano Ceccotti
Percussions: Gabriele Miracle
Dance: Natalie Braker

*(vielle, rebec, lira da braccio)

**(recorder, traverso, double flute, pipe and tabor; shawn and bagpipes for beginners)

The full schedule, comprehensive of complementary theoretical courses, lectures and concerts, will be published soon.

Student fee:

Singing/Instrument course: 380€
Percussions course: 240€
Dance course: 240€
Theoretical courses only: 180€

Ensemble fee (minimum 3 members):

Singing/Instrument course: 320€
Percussions course: 200€
Dance course: 200€
Theoretical courses only: 160€

Deadline for inscriptions: 15 July 2014

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+39 334 79 31 560 (Peppe Frana)