6th International Medieval Music Course

Main theme of the 6th Course: “Adam de la Halle and the Ars Antiqua of the Thirteenth Century” 27 July-1 August 2015

Adam de la Halle was one of the rare medieval musicians who was able to compose monophonic and polyphonic music, he was the last great master and French poet (trouvère )of all musical genres of the thirteenth century.

His compositions are documented in numerous manuscripts, 36 chansons and 18 monophonic Jeu- partis, 16 polyphonic motets and 5 rondeaux.

We have among his poetical works “Le Jeu de la Feuillée”, (1098 verses), “Le Roi de Sicile”, (378 verses), and his masterpiece “Le Jeu de Robin et de Marion, composed around 1284 for the Neapolitan court of Charles of Anjou, considered to be the first “opera” in the history of music, a summa of his experiences as a composer and joculatores. Starting with the music by Adam de la Halle we will explore the incredibly detailed sound universe of thirteenth century’s Ars Antiqua. Part of the course will be dedicated to the study of the instrumental estampies in the manuscript Chansonnier du Roi (Paris, Bibl. National, Ms. 844) of motets in Montpellier Codex (Facultè de Medècine Ms H 196) and in Las Huelgas Codex.

At the Main Course is possible also to study other repertories.

[cml_media_alt id=’4227′]06huart con la cornamusa[/cml_media_alt]Faculty:
Solo singing: Patrizia Bovi

Bowed instruments: Gabriele Russo

Wind instruments (INTENSIVE: from 30 july to 1th august): Goffredo Degli Esposti

Choral singing (INTENSIVE: from 27 to 29 july): Simone Sorini

Lute: Crawford Young

Alta Cappella: Ian Harrison

Hurdy Gurdy (INTENSIVE: from 30 july to 1th august): Giordano Ceccotti

Percussion(INTENSIVE: from 30 july to 1th august): Paolo Rossetti

Vocal and instrumental ensemble – Goffredo Degli Esposti & Gabriele Russo

Musical Iconographies – Goffredo Degli Esposti

Conferences by:
– Dinko Fabris

STRUCTURE OF THE COURSE (Except Monday 27th):

MORNING (from Tuesday to Saturday) : Main Courses
AFTERNOON (from Tuesday to Saturday): Complementary courses: Theoretical, Notation, Conferences, Ensemble
EVENING: musical evenings surprise, in various places in the city of Spello

Monday 27th:
MORNING (from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.): completing registration and payment of fees frequency
AFTERNOON: Main Courses

The full schedule, comprehensive of complementary theoretical courses, lectures and concerts, will be published soon.




Singing/Instrument course: 380€
Percussions course: 240€
Dance course: 240€

Only Large ensemble: 90€
Theoretical courses only: 90€

ENSEMBLE FEE (minimum 3 members):

Singing/Instrument course: 320€
Percussions course: 200€
Dance course: 200€

Only Large ensemble: 70€
Theoretical courses only: 70€


We kindly ask the students to send an advance of €. 70 from 1 to 15 July to finalize the application.

After this date will be still possible to apply with an additional fee of 40€.


For the inscription compile the form: Application Form

and send by mail to info@centrostudiadolfobroegg.it