Masterclass with Guillermo Pérez

Italian 14th century monody – 2a pars Feb-Apr 2014

The Centro Studi Adolfo Broegg will host in 2014 two new sessions dedicated to the Italian 14th century monodic pieces (including the well-known istampitte from London 29987, Rossi Codex and Florentine trecento composers) researching in practical-performance, repertoire context, analysis and relations with Italian Ars Nova polyphony.

These seminars are open to beginners and advanced players/singers in addition to everyone with interest as a listener to deepen the knowledge in Italian 14th century music. The sessions will give a special place to medieval keyboard instruments, including technique and performance aspects.

BLOCK I: 21-23 February 2014

BLOCK II: 4-6 April 2014

Tuition Fees: 180 eur (1 Block), 330 euro (2 Blocks), 150 eur (listeners)

Info and application: